Interim Support

With experience in the mass production environment predominantly of smart cards, PROSECCA can provide training in order to improve Workflow, Work-In-Process, Inventory, Quality, Maintenance etc. Interim support will happen mainly on the customers production floor and less in a meeting room. PROSECCA continuously improves your KPI's such as Throughput, Cycle Time, Yield. Just to mention a few.

You are new in the world of smart card manufacturing and personalization? PROSECCA also helps you with the complete implementation of a smart card production and personalisation facility. From the scratch. PROSECCA has a broad contact network to many suppliers of machines, tools, materials and is not sticking to one full solution supplier.

Security Certifications for Payment Cards (PCI) or SIM Cards

If you want to certify your smart card facilty according to

  • PCI (Payment card Industries) for VISA und MasterCard production and personalization
  • GSMA SAS-UP (Security Accreditation System) for production and personalization of mobile phone cards
  • CQM Card Quality Management Scheme MasterCard and /or ISO 9000 Quality Management in general
there is no need to start from zero, because PROSECCA comes with the neccessary documentation. While your staff is trained and prepared to the necessary procedures, all documents,specifications,forms and checklists will be adapted according to your company needs until you are ready to do the certification audit.


The consultant has 32 years experience in the semiconductor- and chip card industry, including chip-, chip-module
and card body manfacturing as well as card personalisation in secure environments.

Educated Electrical Engineer from a University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Business Administration Degree.
Proven human leadership skills in many different cultures during engagement in three international companies.